"Picture perfect," the common phrase we hear or use when describing how flawless a moment in time looks. I LOVE photos and capturing moments to savor forever, but pictures can make life look perfect. While I am totally in love with these @artifactuprising prints of some top memories from Kyle and I's first two years of marriage, they have not been flawless times. And these prints are (KEYWORD) highlights. Between each highlight you don't see the "lowlights." Because who takes a pictures when your arguing, feeling lost, or doing grown up things like paying bills? Hold on to the highlights AND the lowlights because both make you strong. #artifactuprising #squareinstapic #squarepic #marriedadventures #marriedlife #igersok #igerstulsa #socality #socalitytulsa #socalityoklahoma #makemoments

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