7 Tips for Self-Publishing

So you want to write a book?

Since publishing Healing, Hope & Wholeness 2 years ago, I’ve been asked a handful of times how I got started, what was the process like, how long did it take, and what are some good online tools. I am more than happy to share what I’ve learned, but remember I’ve only scratched the surface with one book. So I still have more to learn as well!

I am really excited that something in your life has moved you to get your voice in print, or that you’ve had a creative writing lead and you’ve been itching to put it together and create a story to share with others! Writing and self-publishing a book is more accessible than you might think!

“If not now then when? If not me then who?” These are the questions that urged me to write. When I started writing drafts for my memoir/biography I felt completely unqualified because I didn’t major in English, self-doubt was thick, and I had literally no idea how to begin or what each step would look like. Every time I took a step closer toward the end goal I didn’t know what I was doing or what would be next, but every time I figured it out. You’ll figure it as you go, what you need to know.

It took me about a year and half from start to finish, to write and self-publish Healing, Hope & Wholeness. Below you’ll find my timeline and tips! When in doubt just reach out, you’ll find what you’re looking for somewhere online or through an individual.


Timeline (a year and a half total):

  • Month One:
    • Idea
  • Month Four:
    • Implemented writing routine
  • Month 10
    • About 75% of the book done
    • Started and found an editor
    • Daydreaming about the cover
  • Month 12
    • Editing continues
    • Book finished
    • Start brainstorming fundraising ideas
  • Month 13
    • Found book cover designer
  • Month 16
    • Launch Kickstarter (raised $3,500)
  • Month 17
    • Editing done
  • Month 18
    • Released book with a party!


  1. Write your why and tape it somewhere visible!
  2. Social Media:
    1. Start a Facebook page
      1. When your book is released people can tag your book!
    2. Document the process, people like to see things come to fulfillment and feel like a part of your project!
    3. Start a blog before
      1. If this fits for what you’re writing, I highly recommend doing something that helps get you more of an online audience. You’ll need it when it comes to fundraising.
      2. I started a blog after and I wish I started it before!
  3. Hire:
    1. Editor
      1. When in doubt Google book editors in your area
      2. Here is my wonderful editor: https://shaylaraquel.com
    2. Formatter
      1. This is about the layout, hire someone to do this, it’s worth the money because it’s very detailed work
    3. Designer
      1. I really believe this is what sets books apart. Some self-publishing platforms have pre-designed covers, I highly recommended you choose a different route. You could have amazing content but a generic cover and get fewer readers.
      2. People do judge a book by its cover
  4. Think long term:
    1. It’s easy to focus on releasing the book, raising money and celebrating but remember to have goals post book release
  5. Online tools:
    1. Createspace:
      1. An Amazon company for self-publishing
      2. https://www.createspace.com
    2. Nook Press: https://www.nookpress.com/ebooks
  6.  Writing:
    1. Have a writing schedule
      1. Pick days and times that you know you feel the sharpest
    2. Have a writing routine
      1. Light a candle, drink tea, pick a coffee shop
      2. Have a beginning routine that tells your mind it’s writing time
    3. Create drafts
      1. Don’t be afraid to just start, make as many drafts as you want with the freedom to write every thought on your mind
      2. Remember drafts aren’t the final thing



Keep me posted on your book writing journey, I’d love to hear how it goes!




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