About the book

Healing, hope and wholeness is a mix between a memoir and biography. It’s my journey of finding healing through musictravel and community, after the loss of my mother.

In this book you will get a taste of what my childhood was like including my mom’s up and down battles with cancer. Although my days were filled with many cartwheels, lemonade stands, and camping trips, I was a fearful five years old because of the disease my mom was facing.

In this book you will get a taste of what my teen years were like as I made life long friends, processed through songwriting, discovered my birth dad, and lost my mom.

In this book you will get a taste of what traveling across the world did for my healing journey, and changed my life. You will see how community and playing music helped me hope again.

While I’ve been working on this book for the past year, I’ve been keeping the “why” at the forefront of my mind. Why do I want to share my story? Why do I want to write a book for people to know all about my life? The why for me is knowing that my story isn’t the only, or the craziest one, and that there are currently people searching for hope. What keeps me writing is the desire to encourage, inspire, and motivate others to take another step, breathe another breath, and keep lively passionately.

Throughout the book, I have weaved in blog posts my mom wrote during the last four months of her life. They are beautiful and encouraging pieces that show my strength and hope. I also incorporated some of the songs I wrote during my days of healing.


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