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    Hey guys!
    Thank you for reading my book Healing, Hope & Wholeness. If you have any questions about something I talked about in my book I’d love to answer them! If you want to share your favorite part, or something specific that stuck out to you, I’d love to hear the feedback.
    I created this book to let people know they aren’t alone in their grief. When you loose someone close, for me, it felt like I literally didn’t know what to do next. My mom and her sickness was all I knew because she had cancer man times thorough my childhood. What was life without her? Its heavy, it’s scary emotions to sift through. But you’re not alone! God hears every cry and painful prayer you’ve launched his way. He sees you and isn’t going to leave you to fend for yourself. I truly believe he brings healing to our broken hearts like no one else can.

    If you enjoyed the book and want to help it out more, please leave a review on Amazon!

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