Dear Mom by Becca & Ceci


As Rebecca and I sat in my dorm room floor in 2011 we decided to lay it all out there. The unanswered questions, fears, and thoughts we had for our moms. The ones we didn’t get to ask. While the questions seemed endless, and so easily came to mind like a conversation we’ve been longing to have, a letter started to form…Dear Mom. We both knew that there would be certain events that would come up in our lives we would desperately want our moms for. They are things that we pictured with our mom by our side. It physically felt good to say the questions I had for my mom, out loud. Even though they remained unanswered, I’ve seen them be fulfilled in different ways.

In my book Healing, Hope & Wholeness (purchase under the purchase tab) I share Rebecca and I’s friendship history and how our paths crossed when I was 17. Our friendship was sparked by a guitar and having someone to harmonize with and has grown into more like soul sisters.


We’ve made it through most of the song Rebecca, we can make it through the rest one day!


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