DIY In Memory Christmas Ornament

I wanted something to physically symbolize the person I love dearly, the person I have many good Christmas memories with but is no longer here, my mom. Maybe you can relate, as the holidays come around, people gather and it’s a cozy time of year. Which brings to mind people we love but miss their presence.

These DIY Christmas honor ornament is easy to make and personalize! I chose a mom charm and then a starfish to represent the beach (a place she loved.) You can do this too! Add grandpa, sister, dad, or any tittle that you wish! Pick another charm that makes you think of them, or pick multiple charms! This craft is very customizable.

Make one for a friend who just experienced the death of a loved one this past year to let them know you’r thinking of them too.


DIY christmas ornament


Need (all supplies found at Michaels Craft Store): 

-cardboard round ornament it



-hot glue

-wire string


*Here is a link to some font inspiration.

I hope as you hang your honor ornament this Christmas it brings good memories and conversations. I hope it feels like a hello to heaven and hug back to you from earth.



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