Food is Fuel

We all have a unique relationship with food. Maybe you think of food all the time, maybe you casually think of it at normal eating hours throughout the day, or maybe it doesn’t cross your mind.

Some people see food as planning meals, trying new recipes constantly and getting creative in the kitchen. These people make time for cooking because they love it, and it’s apart of who they are.

Some people see food as something they need but it’s secondary to all the things they are balancing like work and kids and therefore food is something they microwave real quick and then get back to their to do lists. Meals tend to be on the go for them.

Some people see food as a long pause in the day so they snack when they remember. Taking time to cook and eat is not their priority.

In all these situations food varies on the amount of time that is available and the value it holds.

What category do you tend to fall into?

So let’s talk about TIME and VALUE.


We’re all busy doing something, and throughout life our business will fluctuate. So first off, don’t feel bad if you’re not Julia Child busting out fabulous dinners every night. Time is a legitimate factor when it comes to fueling your body with healthy goodness, but it’s not a roadblock.

I tend to lean on the side of “I’m too busy, I forgot to eat…time slipped away….now I have bad headache.” All because I didn’t want to take the time, I could be nocking things off my to do list, is my mindset.

If you struggle with time, plan your meals out once a week. Prep your meals the day before, or make a big pot of soup for your lunches at work. I make a salad for lunch the night before school, and pack it with a fruit of choice and an afternoon snack. The bottom line: there’s always time for the things that you value.


What are the top three things on your to do list for today? They are your top three because you value them, they’re important, and you want to make sure they get done. Fueling your body is a non-negotiable “to-do.” When you run low on fuel, you run low on good moods, mental sharpness and energy. Just like many other choices in life, when it comes to food, what you put in is what you get out of it.

The quality you invest is the quality you’ll receive.

Food and I have come along way when I started viewing it as fuel. Fuel was optional for me, and the side affects: headaches, tiredness, and light-headedness. The phrase “you are what you eat” really opened my eyes.

I share this info with you from a perspective that still struggles with taking time to eat lunch. I’m good with dinners because I plan them at the beginning of the week, and Kyle and I eat dinner together, so I can’t get out of that. Sometimes I put lunch on my to do list so I don’t forget and so that I remember it’s fuel time.

Think of areas of your life you want to boost such as your mental sharpness or your mood. Here are some food recommendations and recourses for depression, mood booster, and mental sharpness.


According to the Mayo Clinic, people who eat a poor quality diet such as processed foods, fried foods, and refined foods are more likely report be depressed. Studies suggest that people who follow the Mediterranean diet — which emphasizes fruits, vegetables and fish, and limits meat and dairy products — have lower rates of depression. (

Mood Booster:

According to the Mayo Clinic, simply knowing that you’re taking care of your self can boost your mood. “Omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, tryptophan, folate and other B vitamins, low glycemic foods, and chocolate have all been studied to assess their impact on mood. The results are mixed but seem to show an association — though not a direct link — between these foods and improved mood.” (

Mental Sharpness:

According to Deanne Alban from Be Brain Fit, fatty fish, eggs, berries, avocados, kale, dark chocolate, walnuts, and coconut oil are great brainpower foods! (

Picture the energy level you want to function at and approach life with? You can do it, just fuel yourself well!

I’d love to hear some of your favorite power foods, recipes, or tips!

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