Grief Thrival Kit


Yes Thrival is a real word, kinda, I mean, I made it up so now it’s real.

Thrival: not just surviving and making it through a life changing experience/event, but flourishing, doing well, and growing.

This blog post stems from grief survival kits that I’ve come across online. I decided to change the word survival to thrival because I don’t want to emotionally just live or simply exist. I desire to continue to grow everyday, through my loss experience.

I was intrigued at what other people put in their “kit.” It made me think, “what would be in mine?” Here are my Grief Thrival Kit items:

  1. Journal
    • Get the feelings out on paper that you aren’t ready to share, because one day you’ll want to. Baby steps.
  2. Tunes
    • When you can’t sleep at night, let notes and melodies carry you to a goodnights rest. Telling your mind to stop thinking.
  3. Snacks
    • When you aren’t hungry (despite the fact you haven’t eaten all day) you’re tummy is hungry and saying please feed me. I’m not asking for you to eat a buffet, just keep taking bites. Baby steps.
  4. Bible
    • Because the Word literally brigs LIFE, and comfort.
  5. Crafting
    • In the midst of seriousness you need to do something lighthearted and not feel guilty. Get it out, oh and smile.
  6. Communication
    • Grief isn’t made to go through and figure out alone. Stay in commination with yourself and your community. Letting them know where you’re at emotionally, what you need, and what’s hard.

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