Be Whole, Not Perfect, Guest Writer: Cecilia Ticsay

Hi, my name is Cecilia and I used to be obsessed with eating healthy. Well to be perfectly honest, there are times I still get obsessed. I know when I calculate the “perfect” ratio of carbs to protein it’s time to do some soul searching.

I was raised with home cooked meals that were always made from scratch. It got to where friend would call me the “Granola Girl” because I ate so healthy and “clean”. But then in 2002 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Cancer doesn’t run in my family so it’s not one of those things that was always on my mind. As a dear friend of mine used to say “All this health food is killing us”!

Cancer! That terrifying “C” word.

Cancer, no, not me. I studied nutrition in college, I read every book I could get my hands on, I became a Holistic Health Coach, I tried all kinds of “diets” to see what they did to my body, and I religiously weighed my self because that number on the scale determined my worth for that day. Boy was I wrong.

There is no such thing as looking perfect

There is no such thing and the perfect diet

There is no such thing as being perfectly healthy

There is no such thing as the perfect carb to protein ratio.

Nothing is perfect!

So what do I do to live a healthy and whole life. I first try to stop obsessing and I try to find balance in my life. That means if I want a cookie, I eat one. It also means I look at my plate to see what each food will do for my body so it will work as it was intended. I try to have a carb, a protein and a healthy fat at each meal, without the scale or measuring cup involved. It means I try to eat well and not obsess on how well I’m eating.

I now want to be healthy so I can help others live a healthy life. I eat healthy so I can do things, have a purpose, be loving and make a difference.

When I don’t feel good the first thing I look at is my food log. Yep, I keep a food log occasionally to help me get back on track, not to punish myself or deprive myself of living. Food, good wholesome food and not processed foods is what makes our bodies run well.

So today, if you feel tempted to “obsessed” one way or the other I invite you to remember that you don’t have to continue living that way. We all get off track and lose the balance in our lives. It really isn’t about how much or how little you eat. It’s about out heart. Are you focusing too much on your physical appearance? What about nourishing your spiritual needs. Are you living to be in good health (whole) or are you living to simply look good? Simply eat wholesome foods in their natural state. If I can’t pronounce the ingredients then I can’t eat it! PERIOD!!


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