Healing in the Holidays

This is not a “How To…” for the holiday season. This is a “Hey You’re Not Alone…” for the holiday season. So I’m just going to be honest and human to human with you guys as we approach Christmas.

The cheery, twinkle light and hot chocolate time of year is here. I really love both of those things by the way. Christmas day is just around the river bend and so is New Years Eve. Our culture won’t let us forget how many days away Christmas is. It’s everywhere, which isn’t bad..I’m just saying it’s everywhere.

Right before Halloween, I walked into a craft store and there were Christmas decorations up! I was tripping, mentally, although I do that physically from time to time, I thought maybe I was coming out of a mind fog and I skipped a month? Nope, it was just October acting like December. No big deal. Our surroundings are really pumped about the holidays. It’s all the hype, and it’s lovely….

But what if you’re not pumped? What if you are but it’s emotionally hard? What if you’re resistant? Or what if it’s a sore reminder that…you miss someone…you’re tight on money…you’re family is a mess…you don’t like to cook…not to be specific but the list of sore reminders could be endless because whatever you are feeling, needing, missing, longing for or running away from, you can find a trigger in anything. You can find a relatable point for anything. Because if one of those things are on your radar, maybe you truly, actually desire healing? Healing in the Holidays. Healing in the time that makes you feel most uncomfortable, most painful, or most aggravated. I don’t know you’re situation, but I know mine.

This will be the 8th Christmas without my mom. Honestly, as I see that 8 typed on my screen my heart wants to look away….8. (What? For real? No way has it been that long!) I can tell you the sting has passed, but the bittersweetness still resides. 8 almost makes me feel like those Christmas memories with her were a different life.

As you go to a Christmas Eve service this year, wake up on Christmas morning in your cozy pj’s with or without your family, and as you ring in the new year which may be exciting or mundane for you… I pray that the present of Jesus’ presence will bring hope and healing to your life. I can’t imagine my life without his presence.

*I would like to give you guys a song I wrote my first Christmas without my mom. It is called “Oh This Christmas.” Leave your email in a comment bellow to receive the song. I hope you enjoy!

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