What do I mean when I talk about healing? If you follow this blog regularly and read my book you’re obviously going to run into that word a lot (hence the title of the book). One of the ways I’m organizing the categories for the articles on this blog are HEALING, HOPE, and WHOLENESS. I thought that would help keep the theme and goal consistent. So why don’t we chat about it, and jump on the same page (cyberlly speaking).

Healing. Am I talking about it in a physical or emotional sense? BOTH. I’m addressing it all, from my personal opinion and experience. It’s just such a big word, and when I say big I mean the outcome varies, there are a wide variety of beliefs about it, and it can be a touchy subject. When I first decided to write a book including the topic of “healing” I was a tad freaked out because… I don’t have the answers! I’m not a dictionary or a doctor! But lets start with the basics..the definition according to Merriam-Webster: a :  to make sound or whole b :  to restore to health 2 a :  to cause (an undesirable condition) to be overcome :  mend b :  to patch up (a breach or division) 3:  to restore to original purity or integrity .

First off, I think people find healing in different ways. There are tons of personality types, right? So there’s going to be multiple ways in which people find healing. I’m a firm believer in finding what’s right specifically for YOU and sticking with it. What works for your best friend or spouse may not work for you. This applies to both physically and emotionally. Ultimately healing leads to a healthy life. It could be a broken heart, that desires to be made whole, or someone with the flu just wanting to have a healthy normal day. BOTH want to be made whole, BOTH need to be restored to a healthy state, but are in an undesirable condition wanting to overcome it, BOTH need mending, and BOTH had an original beautiful strong state prior to the unhealthiness of it all. Like I said I don’t have the answers to get to the perfect definition of “healing.” But I know what healing has looked like in my life.

Emotional and physical healing both need:

  • TIME: annoying right? If you’re anything like me (impatient and a “go getter”) waiting is not my thing. Quality healing takes time, which is the kind of healing that you want because you don’t want to have to re address it later. And then later. And then later.
  • GRACE: have grace with yourself. After I lost my mom there have been many times when I thought emotionally I should be at a more whole state. “it’s been a year I should be better…” (in a perfect world). I would “beat” myself up because I wasn’t ALL better. Um… HELLO, we aren’t robots, we’re human. Give your self some grace.
  • CREATIVITY: Be creative and try to have an open mind. Since healing looks different for for everyone don’t limit yourself to what makes sense. Healing for you could be painting, conversation, silence in nature, or working out. For myself, I didn’t realize what was a source of healing until later.  I started noticing that after certain activities like writing a song, I felt lighter.
  • OPEN MIND: Just because it didn’t turn out the way you pictured doesn’t mean its not healed. That’s hard to swallow sometimes, but have an open mind. Our mind is human, so it’s limited. Our brain is the size of a box, God’s mind is the size of the ocean.
  • GOD: I truly believe the creator and author of life is the only one who can completely make our physically and emotional brokenness whole.

What rebuilds you? Where do you find healing?

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  • Tami Iles 4 years ago Reply

    I find healing by talking with customers about God and the loss of their loved ones, also by helping the elderly customers. I was wondering about your thoughts on our loved ones that have passed away…I believe they are in Heaven. Do you? Because some believe they are asleep until Jesus comes. I think of my Mother and l Brothet daily, and miss them tremendously.

    Ceci 4 years ago Reply

    Thank you for your comment Tami, I’m glad we got to message on Facebook!

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