How to Keep Your Memories Alive, Guest Writer: Sandy Harris

I started my journey to create Sandra’s Heart Art with a quest to help others keep their memories alive and present in their everyday lives.  My journey was a long one.  Putting my dreams on hold to care for my handicapped daughter and then my elderly parents I never thought much about “memories”.  I was too busy being a caregiver – always thinking there would be a tomorrow.

After my mom passed, I was sitting in what was her living room and I was overcome by “the missing”.  I never look at death of a loved one as a loss – more a missing.  I know I will see her again, but at that moment, I felt so sad and missed her so much.  I looked around her living room and saw a shadow-box mirror that had many of her “trinkets” on displayed.  I knew that soon I would have to pack away those treasures of hers and tuck those memories away. That made me even sadder.

I gathered some of her treasures and added them to a heart box I had-thinking I would tuck it away and be able to look at it from time to time.  Then I thought why couldn’t I pick out some of her very special treasures and display them.  So I decorated the box and displayed my mom’s treasures in a vignette that reminded me of her.  By placing some of her favorite things in a display, I was able to put that heart box on a shelf at work or home and remember my mom with a smile instead of tears.  Looking at it just made me happy – the memories made the missing easier.

Many people asked me about the heart box and wanted one of their own.  Not just for a parent who had died but for a baby’s birth, weddings, anniversaries, and memorials (I even had the pleasure of creating a memorial for a wonderful woman who had lost both her dogs).  It is not always about loss – having “Heart Art” around is more of a way to keep any memory alive and present in our everyday life.



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  • Colleen 10 months ago Reply

    I Love this Sandy. Everything is so cozy. When we grieve cozy is part off a wave our bodies feel. Comfort, even in pain. I have simaliar idea’s, but I have showed peeps yet lovelys and will continue to do so. Be ;blessed in Year walk 😊❤

    Ceci 10 months ago Reply

    Thank you for reading Colleen! What are some of your ideas?

    Sandy 10 months ago Reply

    Thank you Colleen. I would love to see/hear your ideas. Comfort was exactly what I needed at the time I created the memory box. And thank you Ceci for all that you do in walking people through a time in their life that hope and healing sometimes seems so distant.

    Ceci 10 months ago

    That is an accurate way to describe the process, when hope and healing seems distant. It is an honor to hear people’s stories, and be apart of their journey just like many have been there for me!

  • Terri 6 months ago Reply

    I love this. You are such a loving and caring person, it shows in everything you do.

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