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I’m super stoked about this month, this summer, and this book writing adventure! Currently I feel like my mind is going a million miles per second, and my feet are having a hard time catching up. I have to constantly tell myself to take a chill pill, but I’m just so excited about everything that there aren’t enough hours in the day! Right now I’m planning two book release parties. One in Oklahoma and one in my hometown in California. I have been so blessed with help and support from my stellar friends. My husband, Kyle,  and I couldn’t put these two parties on by ourselves, and I wouldn’t want to. Phew!

Even though I am done writing the book (that’s a big relief) it’s really all just the beginning. Which is awesome!

Last night Kyle reminded me that I wrote a book….Oh right, sometimes I literally forget that and I get caught up in just focusing on my to do list for marketing, distributing, and events. I love reflecting and concentrating on my “why.” Why I wrote the book, why it drove me through late nights, and sometimes inspiration-less moments to keep writing. (You can read about my why in the book.) Small beginnings are really rad to look back on, each time I made the effort to write, it made a difference. There was a time when I sat down (the very very beginning) and I had no clue what I wanted to write about or how to even get started on a BOOK. I laugh about it a lot but it’s very true: I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING BUT I KEEP WRITING ON.

In honor of it just beginning  and never fully knowing what the heck I’m doing here’s some photos of the writing journey!

I don’t even remember how many outlines I wrote. But this is what it looked like often. Papers everywhere. I’m visual and old fashion.

This was the very very start of wanting to write a book. It was my 2014 new years resolution.

The Frost’s very first “Dream Room” where I specifically remember stumbling upon my mom’s blog and decided to incorporate it in the book!

This is our current “Dream Room”, in our house where I spent a lot of time writing when I needed to hardcore focus.

One of the first times I sat down to write. This delicious place is called Cuppies and Joe and felt like home just with better treats and drinks.

This is when we recorded the audio for the book trailer. Kyle got creative and hung the mic from the ceiling fan. Hey, you make it work.

One of my favorite local spots to write is Shades of Brown. If I needed a cozy, homey, and yummy chai latte this was my place.

One of my favorite and kind places to write: Hoboken. I wish I could have spent more time here but the drive was a tad bit long for an afternoon writing session. This was more of a day trip stop.

The cutest English feeling place around. I loved sitting in the window and writing. Heirloom is sweet.

Officially finished writing the whole book. It felt real good.

Officially having the book printed and in my hand was a fabulous feeling. I was nervous turning each page, waiting for a drastic mistake. But we’re good!

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