Meet me

Hey! I’m Ceci Frost and this is where you get to learn a little bit more about me. If you’ve read my book, then you’ve already learned a lot about me! But here’s some photos to go along with it!


I married an “Okie” (born and raised in Oklahoma). He’s cute. We got married on June 8th, 2013 on the shores of Ventura, CA! We are completely opposite people. COMPLETELY. It keeps us on our toes and has opened our eyes to new things! Fun fact: In May 2016 we finished a 4 1/2 month road trip around the country in our remodeled vintage 60’s trailer! We also brought along our 2 cats! It was an amazing and hard adventure, that will always be special to us. You can watch videos and check out photos from it on our travel blog: Joyward




We have two cats, Malibu and Tully (short for Tulsa). I got Malibu off of Craigslist, and Tully was rescued, she was a stray kitten from a friends neighborhood. It’s just the beginning to our future farm. I would love to have chickens, a mini pony, a horse, a corgi, an Australian shepherd, a deer, and a river otter.



In my free time I like to play my guitar, drink chai latte’s, hang out at the beach, take pictures, travel and obviously write.







That’s a bit of me! To see what’s new come follow me on Instagram!

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