Music for the Grieving and the Heavy Heart

As a songwriter, melodies and words have been a powerful tool of healing and comfort to me. After my mom passed away, a friend gave me a CD with her favorite songs that brought comfort to her when her mom passed. That is when music carried me through my nights of grief.

I’d play that CD on repeat, while waiting for daylight because there is something trying about the darkness while you’re struggling.

Sometimes it felt like the writer knew what I was thinking but didn’t know how to say.

Sometimes we need to be reminded of of truths we know deep down but are hard to believe in a moment of heaviness.

Sometimes it feels like they are speaking directly to us, and we feel seen.

To read more about music and psychology check out this article from Psychology Today.

Here are some of my favorite songs for those who are grieving or who have a heavy heart:

If you use Spotify here is my playlist.

To hear some of my own songs check them out in my shop.

I’d love to hear what music moves you?

You are not alone.

Photo credit: Sarah Jensen 


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