I love music! I think its super influential and I’m totally a lyric person. Notes, melodies, words, and beats are so powerful! When I was younger I was into snowboarding and I’d look forward to the snowboarder magazines. One of my favorite things to read was the short bio’s on the boarders. Part of the fun facts about the boarders was what they listened to while shredding the slopes. Because I obviously need to listen to it as well so I can shred like them! Hahaha.

Anyway, since I thoroughly enjoy learning about what my friends and role models listen to, I thought it would be neat to share what bands I listened to while writing my book.

Here’s my top 10:

  1. Explosions in the sky
  2. Jonsi
  3. Balmorhea
  4. Caspian
  5. All the Bright lights
  6. Dustin O’Halloran
  7. The Album Leaf
  8. The Six Parts Seven
  9. Austin Stone
  10. This Will Destroy

What tunes do you listen to while writing?

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