I am super thankful for the people who have taken the time to write a review on my book. It means so much, and the feedback has been incredibly enlightening and encouraging!  — Ceci


“I’d like to start off this review by saying this: Ceci Frost is brilliantly brutal with her words and leaves you aching for a stranger’s personal pain. The amount of empathy that this story evoked in me surpassed any and all other stories I have read to date. I guess it’s because of the raw honesty that Ceci spills onto this story’s pages, the almost effortless way she unloads her grief and speaks with a voice so bare and real that you can’t help but feel like you are experiencing everything with her.”  — Natasha, Book Baristas

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“One of the best things about this memoir is that it goes beyond the story and offers advice on coping in the third part of the book. When you hear the story of how Ceci lost her mother, it touches you in such a raw way—but when Ceci walks YOU through how to deal with your own loss, I think that shows the true integrity and compassion of the author. Heartfelt, beautiful, and real.” — Shayla Eaton, Curiouser Editing

“Healing, Hope & Wholeness by Ceci Frost is an absolutely heart wrenching memoir/biography about losing someone very close to you and how to cope with the grief that accompanies it. Many tears were shed over this book and for good reason. Not only is it tear inducing, it’s also uplifting and inspirational. Healing, Hope & Wholeness is about friends, family, life, and above all, love of every kind.

‘Her heart was strong, but her beat was tired.’ – Ceci takes you on her emotional journey, from beginning to now. It was the brutal honesty that struck me about this book, there is no mincing of words from this author, she says what she means and means what she says.” — Lauren, Bookworm Boutique

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“Reading about Ceci’s life has opened my eyes to just how incredible her healing journey has been. No matter what you are suffering from, there is something in here for you. She writes in such a way that makes you feel comfortable and right at ease and you walk away learning so much and feeling inspired.”  — Michelle, via Amazon reviews

“This book is every bit as raw as life presents itself, a read that can attach itself to anyone and wedge its’ way into your heart!” — Delaney, via Amazon reviews

This is a beautifully written memoir about grief and how to deal with loss. She not only tells her own incredible story but also shares what she has learned on her journey to helps others who have been or are dealing with grief.” — Kyle, via Amazon reviews