The Always Album

When my mom passed away my dad gave me her Bible along with the lovely bright blue, shiny case to protect it. This was extremely nice and big of him because naturally he could have kept it to himself. I wouldn’t have blamed him either, I would have been sad but it would have been understandable. Tucked away in her Bible was random pieces of paper with verses written in her handwriting. She also had her favorite picture of Jesus in the Bible cover. It was an image of Jesus in an O.R. guiding a surgeon’s hands in the middle of a surgery. It gave her great comfort, as she would undergo multiple procedures. Hidden in my childhood dresser I have collected a small amount of random notes from my mom, I have about 15 copies of my mom’s Memorial Service guide and in multiple journals, notebooks, drawers, and boxes I have photos of her that I printed out for various reasons.

Can you relate?



All these miscellaneous treasures need a safe home, and not just any home because they are irreplaceable memories. I don’t know why I didn’t make one sooner, but this week I started an “Always Album,” because I will always remember you. I think in the healing process one of the greatest fears is forgetting, I know that’s true for my personal experience with loss. We keep memories in the back of our mind while trying to make new memories, on top of trying to heal, and live in the present. Maybe you feel your mind has a lot of “content” it’s trying to cling to, but you don’t want to let go. At the same time a lot of new content is trying to enter. So if we create a place, a physical album, we can caringly place our beautiful memories there, it could possibly open up our “mental plate” for new things!


While you are creating your Always Album, you are going to reminisce, naturally. Embrace the overall moment, and turn on some tunes. Crafting is soothing. Enjoy the process of making this album just as much as you’ll forever enjoy the finished project.

I want to leave this album open ended, in case you find things down the road you want to add, you can! To balance out that statement though, take on a realistic amount of scrapbooking when you first start this project!


On those days where you want to give your missing loved one a hug, or reminisce, or share with a friend, open up the Always Album. On those days where your heart aches and you need a good cry, or you want to be reminded of their personality and legacy, open up the Always Album.


  • Notebook or scrapbook
  • Clear photo sleeves
  • Photos
  • Notes
  • Sharpie
  • A childhood supply of scrap paper
  • Scissors
  • ribbon/decor/cutouts


May this Always Album bring healing to your heart, and hope to your life as you reminisce on their legacy.

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Comments (2)

  • Colleen 4 years ago Reply

    This is just what I need in honor of my dad and to have something tangible that I can go to. I am going to start my always album today. Thank honey for your willingness to open up and share with us.
    Love you much

    Ceci 4 years ago Reply

    Hey Colleen!
    Aw I’m so glad! There is something special about having tangible access to memories, that’s why I love printing out pictures still!
    I would love to see your Always Album when you start working on it.
    ❤️ Ceci

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