Wholeness: “the condition of being sound (sound: in good condition : solid and strong, in good health) in body, the quality or state of being without restriction, exception, or qualification.” –Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

“Lacking nothing and being healthy in body, soul, and mind,” is how I like to sum up such an intricate word like wholeness. I was researching what it means in Greek and Hebrew and I realized even more  how complex of a word WHOLENESS is. Depending on the context and how it’s used it ranges from meaning pure, sound, rescue, safe, complete, and healthy. To me, healing and wholeness sound very similar. It’s clear that they both desire to be sound, but what’s their difference?

I think one of the distinctions is: healing is something that was wrong being made right, and wholeness is something that was missing being found.

What adds to your wholeness?

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