You are a Book, part 2

How are you feeling? By this time you’ve done some major reflecting and wrote down the most impactful positive and negative moments thus far of your life. I believe there is something so powerful about seeing your life on paper.

As I sit here, typing this post up I am trying to imagine the events and moments you’ve written down. It’s not easy looking back, or shuffling through your mental filing cabinet. But remember we are doing this to launch you forward to a healthier you, and in turn hopefully use your story to help others.

Now, it’s time for more reflecting. I encourage you to sit in a non-distracting peaceful place, turn on some instrumental music and take three breaths.

While observing your circles (part 1), with a pen and journal handy ask your self these questions:

  1. When looking at the most impactful negative events, what stings the most? Does there need to be more healing, forgiveness, love, grace, boundaries, or trust?
  2. When looking at the most impactful positive events, what feeling, person, or attribute specifically stands out to you? What made it the most positive?
  3. Throughout your circles/life how has the Lord spoken to you? What does he use to get to you, to get your attention, or to your heart? Is there a reoccurring way he speaks to you?


From my personal journey with the Lord, the way he speaks to me is the way he heals me. I talk a lot in my book about how the Lord uses community, music, and traveling to bring healing, hope, and wholeness to my life. Simply writing those three things down excites my heart!

For yourself, after reflecting how the Lord speaks to you may be the way the Lord brings healing to you, are you creating time for those things?

I don’t have a whole lot of my three things in my life at the moment in the midst of our move/transition. I have friends and family don’t get me wrong, but my husband and I don’t have a consistent community that we are plugged into, and I thrive on being plugged into I place where I can serve, connect, and invest. I’m not playing or writing a whole lot of music, and two months ago we finished an amazing traveling adventure called Joyward. I feel convicted for sure, because I’m not creating time for the things I can do like write music or worship with my guitar alone.

Are you creating time?

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