You are a Book, part 3

How did it go? Did you create time to do the things or create the space where you feel the Lord talks to you most?

As we are striving for more healing and wholeness in our lives, please remember that we are not striving for perfection. We are not striving toward an end goal. It’s a constant goal of emotional healthiness.

We don’t have to be perfect to help others.

I believe in professional counseling and I also believe the Lord is our counselor. He is the wisest, he restores, he redeems, he heals, he corrects, and he loves us unconditionally.

“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.”

Psalm 147:3


Let’s recap, so far you’ve:

-Written out the events of your life on paper, highs and lows included

-You’ve reflected on the positive and negative events/moments that you’ve encountered and why/what about them were the most impactful

-You’ve reflected what areas of your life could use more healing

-You’ve hopefully identified how the Lord speaks to you, which in turn may be how the Lord heals you


When looking back at your circles (part 1), if you could go back to any of the “negative events/memories” and give advice, which negative event/memory would it be? It’s no secret that the most impactful negative event was loosing my mom to cancer when I was 18. Because of the loss of my mom, I want to help others who have lost a parent, who’ve experienced the heart wrenching pain of death, or who don’t feel hopeful that the heaviness of grief will get better. There’s a lot of ways I could be a resource and help others, there’s a lot of ways you can be too. Whatever you picked as your most impactful life event the first thing to helping others and being a book is to: BE OPEN.

In being open and sharing you will experience healing, and they will experience healing.


In part 1 I asked you pretend that you’ve written a biography, and to write down what the back of your book would say about you. Now, after much writing and reflecting write it again.

How is it different? How are you viewing yourself differently?

Wrapping up this short series, I hope that you feel more like a book then when you first started. When you feel like a book, full of stories and experiences, then you can feel like a resource to help others.

Do you want to sit on a shelf and collect dust or do you want to be read?






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